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IN THE NEWS: Cloning and Stem Cells

from Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab at Marian University

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Young adults face many issues involving life science. The Life Science Education Center at Marian University will share some of the science behind current issues and research by providing a general overview of cloning, stem cells and regeneration research. During the program, students will exchange ideas about the topics. There are no easy answers to the questions they will explore. Current issues in the news will guide our discussion and debate of the topic.

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45 minutes

Target Audience

Education: Grade(s) 9, 10, 11, 12

Minimum participants:

No minimum

Maximum participants:

There is no maximum, but for optimum interactivity, we suggest no more than 30 students.

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Videoconference - H.323 (Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, etc...)

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Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab at Marian University

Indianapolis, IN
United States

We provide quality experiences that promote science learning for students, educators, and the general public. The Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab at Marian University provides participants with lively demonstrations, experiments, and hands-on life science discovery based on Indiana State Education and National Science Education standards.

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Program Details


1. The program begins with the science behind stem cell and cloning research.
2. Participants will better understand the implication of this research for humans.
3. Participants will debate the ethics of the science with their classmates.


Participants will be able to define or describe the following terms: cloning, stem cells, regeneration, and therapeutic cloning.
Every participant will state at least one ethical concern he or she has with one or more of the topics discussed.
Participants will state at least one fact that supports each ethical issue they express.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

Please visit for additional information.

State Standards

Biology I Standards
1.1 Recognize that and explain how the many cells in an individual can be very different from one another, even though they are all descended from a single cell and thus have essentially identical genetic instructions. Understand that different parts of the genetic instructions are used in different types of cells and are influenced by the cell's environment and past history.
1.2 Know and describe that within the cell are specialized parts for the transport of materials, energy capture and release, protein building, waste disposal, information feedback, and movement. In addition to these basic cellular functions common to all cells, understand that most cells in multicellular organisms perform some special functions that others do not.
1.7 Explain that complex interactions among the different kinds of molecules in the cell cause distinct cycles of activities, such as growth and division. Note that cell behavior can also be affected by molecules from other parts of the organism, such as hormones.
1.8 Understand and describe that all growth and development is a consequence of an increase in cell number, cell size, and/or cell products. Explain that cellular differentiation results from gene expression and/or environmental influence. Differentiate between mitosis and meiosis.
1.11 Describe that through biogenesis all organisms begin their life cycles as a single cell and that in multicellular organisms, successive generations of embryonic cells form by cell division.
Listening and Speaking
9.7.1 Summarize a speaker's purpose and point of view and ask questions concerning the speaker's content, delivery, and attitude toward the subject.
9.7.7 Make judgments about the ideas under discussion and support those judgments with convincing evidence.
10.7.7 Make judgments about the ideas under discussion and support those judgments with convincing evidence.