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Take a Virtual Field Trip with Mote Marine Laboratory. Bring Mote's research, animals, and exhibits to your learners using affordable, easy-to-use distance learning technology. Our virtual field trips are an exciting way to engage your learners with STEM topics. Dive into our aquarium and chat with a shark trainer. Or explore the Florida Keys and make observations like a real coral reef
scientist. Lessons are available in 25 and 50 minute lengths for PreK-12th + Lifelong Learners.








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Programs by Mote Marine Laboratory - SEAtrek.TV

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Why are coral reefs important? Discover the value of coral reefs to wildlife and how important they are to people too.


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Manatees: Mammals of the Sea

Do you know how to train a 3000-pound relative of the elephant? Find out how Mote Marine Laboratory cares for Hugh and Buffett, our resident Florida manatees, and learn how big and smart they are. 


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SEA ME READ: Clumsy Crab

Snip, snap! Nipper the Crab hates his clumsy claws. Read along with us as we find out how useful they can eventually be. Made possible by a generous grant from the Kates Foundation.


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SEA ME READ: Smiley Shark

SMILE! Join us on an ocean adventure and meet a lonely shark who loves to smile. Read along as we help him save the day and find some friends.


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SEA SCIENCE AT WORK: Ocean Careers and Marine Research at Mote Marine Laboratory

Dive into marine science and discover what it takes to be an aquarium biologist, shark scientist, sea turtle researcher and more!


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SEA TURTLES: Amazing Reptiles of the Sea

A lively gameshow format reveals why sea turtles are truly amazing! Also discover what a hatchling needs to survive in the open ocean and then take a tour of Mote's turtle exhibits.


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SEATREK PREVIEW: Demonstration for Teachers

Dive into interactive lessons with SeaTrek.TV! This program is an overview of SeaTrek.TV science programs and a great way to demonstrate interactive videoconferencing technology. Bring the ocean to your classroom!


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Don't be afraid! See sharks up close and learn the truth about them! Find out why it's more dangerous to be at home than in the water with these fascinating creatures.


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Connect with us to experience a narrated shark feeding and training session originating from our 135,000-gallon shark habitat Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. Learn all about how our aquarists care for these animals and how Mote's scientists...


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“Thank you so much for scheduling this session! It was absolutely amazing! My students learned so much and were engaged throughout the entire presentation. Kasey was excited about the information she was presenting and, in turn, excited us! At the end of our session, my students were saying, "This was our best Skype ever!""
Ms Case, South Mckeel academy 

 “Seatrek has a very engaging program, great presenter!, very animated!”
L. Varano, Leonardo da Vinci Academy 

 “Our presenter did an amazing job and was so flexible, combining 2 different presentations into 1 since we missed the first one. We were more than satisfied with her professionalism and engagement for our students.”
Ms. Sanders, Engvall Elementary