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Upgrade Your Membership

Upgrade to a CILC Premium account

Upgrade your membership and unlock access to discounted programs

on a variety of programs
With as few as
5 programs*
you recoup the upgrade cost
Ready to Upgrade and Save?

•Available discounts will be given at the time of program scheduling.

If paying by purchase order for a CILC Premium membership, discounts will not go into effect until CILC has received payment. Keep this in mind as you are requesting programs that may not show the discount price when booking.


Membership Add-Ons


Site Scheduler

Manage multiple users at your school or organization

  • Requests by staff are routed to your designated Site Scheduler
  • The Site Scheduler reviews and approves requests before programs are booked
  • For more on setting up a Site Profile and becoming a Site Scheduler, visit Set Up Your Site Profile

Bill Management

With a CILC FREE or CILC Premium membership you use the CILC website to arrange programming with the content provider. After the program the content provider bills you directly. Instead, why not..


Let CILC pay the bills for you!


Two Options:

CILC Content Dollar Bank

Open a Content Dollar Bank (CDB) with a minimum deposit of $5,000, and content providers will bill CILC instead of you.

  • CILC deducts an admin fee and then pays the providers for you
  • View your CDB balance and charges via the website dashboard at any time

CILC Carnival Tickets

Pay for programs with tickets instead of dollars.

  • Purchase a roll of CILC Carnival tickets
  • Programs display their "ticket price" from 0 (free) to 4 tickets:
  • CILC pays the providers for you
  • View your ticket balance via the website dashboard at any time


After you've created your free account, select Members from the main menu to learn more about these additional options