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Interactive virtual programs help make learning meaningful by giving students access to artifacts, ideas, and experiences they might never encounter as powerfully in the classroom or in the pages of a book.


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Aerial view of Australia


"The students don't have access to any zoos, so to be able to see how the live animals were interconnected in a food web was fascinating and exciting."


CILC Member: Connected North – Ontario 10


Program: Walking Up a Food Chain
 by Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Authentic Learning Ambassador

Matt Schullek

Matt Schullek is a distance-learning specialist and museum educator who is passionate about helping others to use technology as a means of increasing access to educational opportunities for lifelong learners of all ages.

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CILC Affinity Value Seals

Programs that align to CILC’s four core values are recognized for quality and awarded these seals, based on recognition by Value Ambassadors, staff, and members' feedback, earning 2.71/3.0 points on 3 or more evaluations.

CILC Authentic Learning Value Seal
CILC Diverse Learning Value Seal
CILC Global Learning Value Seal
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